2022 Scholarship Project

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2022 Scholarship Project

The Carver High School Alumni Assocation provides two methods of administration for its scholarship opportunities.

Our first method performed by the CHS Alumni Association Scholarship Committee contains a review board that works directly with Carver High School to distribute scholarship applications. As of 1/7/2022 the Scholarship Committe has begun its process for considering any updates to the application process. Throughout the duration from February 11th, 2022- April 4th, 2022, students at Carver High School have the opportunity to apply for the scholarships provided by the Alumni Association.

Our second method of administration is performed by the Winston-Salem Foundation. We also strongly encourage students to apply for our scholarship as it also opens them to the opportunity for other scholarship opportunities outside of the Alumni Association. The deadline is 3/15/.2022 and students can apply at the link below:

All Opportunities – The Winston-Salem Foundation – Scholarships (academicworks.com)

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