Story About Us

In the summer of 1984, The Carver High School Alumni Association, Incorporated had its
beginning at an organizational meeting held in the home of Joseph D. Williams. With just 8
founding members: Munirah Razzak, Julius Pearson, Lillie Pearson, Doretha Pearson,
Garland Washington, James King, Harold Martin and Iamasky Banks. In August of 1984
was the birth of the Blue and Gold Round-Up Dance, which was held at the Benton
Convention Center. The very first dance ticket price was $5 per. person and it was a great
success. The alumni officers were selected after the first successfully Round-Up dance.
Currently, it is called The Carver Alumni Round-Up. In September 19, 1985, The Articles of
Incorporation of Carver High School Alumni Association of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
under the laws of the State of North Carolina, as contained in Chapter 55A of the General
Statue of North Carolina entitled “Nonprofit Corporation Act” was signed and sealed. The
directors were Harold Martin, Gene Campbell, Zenia Cloud, and Joseph D. Williams. The
incorporators were Harold Martin, Muniurah Razzak, John Rice, Peggy Williams, and
Davida W. Martin.
Lifetime Members of the Carver Alumni Association, Inc. are: Charles Baron, Howard W.
Belton, Aldine Cloud, James Johnson, Frederick Warren, Linda Totten Thompson
and Munirah Razzak.

Scholarship History

As of 2017, The Carver High School Alumni Association, Inc. of Winston-Salem, North Carolina has awarded
$97,000 in Scholarships to Carver High School seniors since its founding in 1984. The Alumni Association
continues to broaden the base of sponsored events each year of the Carver Alumni Round-Up. However, the
continued success of the Association will depend heavily on the support and participation of the reunion classes.
The commitment of Carver Alumni Association’s leadership is evidenced by the continual awarding of scholarships
to outstanding Carver High School seniors.

Previous Scholarship Winners:

Year Name Amount College
2021 Kaytlyn Hunter $1,000.00 NC A & T University
2021 Chloe Fletcher $1,000.00 Spelman College
2020 Kennedy Allen $1,000.00 Bennett College
2019 A nthony Hamilton $1,000.00 Forsyth Technical Comm. College
2018 Brandon Kearse $1,000.00 NC A & T University
2017 Mitzi Pastrana Salinas $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2017 Mishauna Thompson $1,000.00 Bennett College
2016 Ashanti Hauser $1,000.00 NC A & T University
2016 Kevin Jones $1,000.00 NC A & T University
2016 Yakira Muhammad $1,000.00 East Carolina University
2016 Celine Hawkins $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2016 Kaitlyn Vang $1,000.00 UNC Charlotte
2015 Laquishia Stone $1,000.00 Howard University
2015 Michael Jimenez $1,000.00 Wake Forest University
2015 Brittany Patrick $1,000.00 J.C. Smith University
2015 Jalin Richardson $1,000.00 N.C – A& T State University
2015 Joshua Thomas $1,000.00
2014 Herbert BreShaun Liles $1,000.00 Morehouse College
2014 Joseph Alex Miller, Jr. $1,000.00 N.C – A&T University
2014 Naikeesha Poe-Smith $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2014 Wanye  Malik Tate $1,000.00 J.C. Smith University
2014 Chante Monique Travis $1,000.00 UNC – Charlotte
2013 Taylor Adams $1,000.00 UNC – Charlotte
2013 Nick Butello-Hernandez $1,000.00 Forsyth Technical Comm. College
2013 Keith Fluitt $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2013 Jada Hairston $1,000.00 Spelman College
2013 Niyah Ann Sansbury $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2012 Roxie Carroll $1,000.00 Campbell University
2012 Jada Jackson $1,000.00 Davidson College
2012 Keyerra Johnson $1,000.00 J.C. Smith University
2012 Devaughn Nance $1,000.00 N.C – A&T University
2012 Ashley Porter $1,000.00 Winthrop University
2011 Raeshawnda Burgess $1,000.00 N.C. Central University
2011 Tacora Horne $1,000.00 East Carolina University
2011 Laquishia Stone $1,000.00 Howard University
2011 Tiffany Turner $1,000.00 N.C – A&T University
2011 Dezquan Wilkins $1,000.00 Elizabeth City University
2010 Richard Daniels $1,000.00 J.C. Smith University
2010 Michael Lawrence $1,000.00 Lenoir Rhyne University
2010 Shawna Rowdy $1,000.00 Virginia State University
2010 Jennica Autrey $1,000.00 UNC – Charlotte
2010 Michael Eccles $1,000.00 UNC – Charlotte
2009 Brianna Bradsher $1,000.00 Wake Forest University
2009 Aundra Parker $1,000.00 East Carolina University
2009 Ricky Forrest $1,000.00 N.C. Central University
2009 Chelsea Lewis $1,000.00 UNC Greensboro
2009 Nicole Little $1,000.00 Wake Forest University
2008 Temica Watkins $1,000.00 N.C. State University
2008 Troy Hayden $1,000.00 N.C – A&T University
2008 Turner Faulk $1,000.00 Wake Forest University
2008 Daniel White $1,000.00 Appalachian State University
2007 Malik Razzak $1,000.00 Winston Salem State University
2007 Rodney Brown $1,000.00 UNC – Charlotte
2007 Morgan Lewis $1,000.00 UNC Greensboro
2007 Brittany Watson $1,000.00 N.C. Central University

PO Box 16265 Winston-Salem, NC 27115

1 336-619-1984