CHSAA Featured Fundraiser: CHS Football Team

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CHSAA Featured Fundraiser: CHS Football Team

Featured Fundraiser

There are two ways to donate in this featured fundraiser campaign.

Thank you for your donation to the Double Good Popcorn fund raiser that ended 5/4/2024.

If you missed the opportunity, you can make a direct donation to the fund using the

Direct Campaign Donation

Why is the CHS Football Program so Important???

Student athletes often find themselves immersed in an environment that extends well beyond the traditional classroom. The Carver High School Football Program, being among the largest extracurricular organizations, offers a blend of athletic training and character development. Coaches play a pivotal role, not just in refining the athletic skills of their students, but also in instilling values and life skills that resonate both on and off the field. Discipline, teamwork, dedication to executing a task are among the many skills athletes learn, which are invaluable in every walk of life. Moreover, the emphasis on academic performance is paramount. Through many methods, Carver’s Football Team players are strongly encouraged to keep an interest in elevating their academic achievements. These efforts by the coaches are reinforcing the idea that intellectual growth is as important as athletic prowess. As, one of the largest extracurricular organizations, the Football Program is also providing an opportunity to for students to be noticed by college and university scouts and potentially leading to scholarship opportunities for higher education.

Please take this in consideration when thinking of your donations and support.

You have the power to impact young students lives!